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Fumigation & "No-Tent" Treatments

We offer professional fumigation services for residential homes, commercial properties, boats, yachts, antiques, furniture, vehicles, and more. Our fumigation, tenting, and tape & seal services are performed by our own in-house fume crew, FUMEOUT. Don't pay the middleman mark-up. Buy direct from the fumigator!

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Residential Fumigation

Tent fumigation services are for the treatment of an entire structure. Fumigation eliminates pests from the top of the roof down to the soil at the base of the foundation. "One and Done". Fumigation treatments typically target Drywood Termites, but this method can also be used for Bedbugs, Powder Post Beetles, and other pests that may also be present in your home or other structures.

Commercial Fumigation

WIPEOUT is your direct connection for fumigating commercial buildings such as office buildings, restaurants, warehouses, condos, and more. We help to ensure that your business has minimal downtime. No business wants their products, merchandise and customers exposed to unwanted termites or other pests and bugs.

Specialized Fumigation Services

Tent Fumigation

Tent fumigation is a method of using a gas to eliminate pests within an enclosed space. To enclose the structure a tent is created over and around the structure. The tent is made of vinyl-coated nylon or poly tarpaulins "tarps".

Tape & Seal

Instead of using tarps to seal the structure, the structure is sealed using plastic sheeting, tape, and/or other materials. The Tape & Seal method is used on homes, buildings and marine vessels. Not all fumigations can be performed this way. Discuss your options with our inspector.

Vault Fumigation for Antiques & Furniture

Vault Fumigation services are for furniture, lumber, collectables, cabinets and other pest infested items. Small items that can be transported are treated in our vault located at our home office. Typically your items will be in the vault for 2-3 days. Call us today to schedule Vault Fumigation services for your items.

Boats, Yachts & Other Watercraft

People love their boat and yachts. If your watercraft has any wood in its construction it is vulnerable to termites and other pest infestations. From small boats in the backyard to mega yachts in the marina. WIPEOUT has successfully treated all types watercraft for termites, both on land and in the water. With our outstanding reputation in the yachting community we have serviced marine vessels all over the state of Florida including the Florida Keys. We have encountered termites on all types of vessels fiberglass, wood and metal. We have treated vessels for Drywood Termites, Subterranean Termites, Cone-head "Tree" Termites, and other vermin. Please call us for more information about our watercraft treatment options and to schedule your free inspection.

"No-Tent" Drywood Termite Treatment Solution

Fumigation is not the only option for the treatment of Drywood termites. Homes and other structures due to location, construction or other impediments may pose obstacles to tenting the structure. For twenty years WIPEOUT has been performing successful "No-Tent" treatment solutions. "No-Tent" treatment is program. Fumigation is a "One & Done" treatment.

Our Trematrac® Technology Finds Your Termites

WIPEOUT uses Trematrac® technology along with highly qualified experienced Termite Service Specialists to effectively treat for Drywood termites without having to tent the home. The Termatrac® T3i device is the state of the art must have device to treat for Drywood termites without tenting. The T3i All Sensor is the most accurate and non-invasive detector available. The unique 3-in-1 design incorporates Termatrac's patented radar technology, relative and direct moisture sensor as well as a thermal sensor for extra confidence in termite locating. The T3i All Sensor was designed to help operators locate, confirm and track the presence and extent of termite and other pest activity. Using the Termatrac T3i in conjunction with the Trematrac’s corporate training and certification that is provided to our Specialists, the T3i device deliveries pinpoint accuracy. Visit for more information.

"No-Tent" treatments involve drilling small holes into termite affected areas. These may be in the attic, walls, floors and ceilings. Foam is injected into the holes and travels very far throughout termite created tunnels or "galleries" in the wood. The foam will kill all termites it comes into contact with. Then it dries in the galleries affecting any termites or other insects that pass through the area later that were not in direct contact with the foam. This treatment provides lasting effects for protection against future termite activity and swarms.

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