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Termite Prevention & Control

Termites and other wood-destroying insects can cause great structural damage to your home. At Wipeout Pests & Termites we stay on top of the latest advancements in safe, effective termite elimination technology to keep our customers protected. We’re proud to be the only pest control company in our service area to offer the Termidor® HP High Precision Injection System. The Termidor® HP system is one of the most powerful weapons we have against Formosan and subterranean termites, which are the two most common and destructive termites in our area.

Reliable Termite Control Solutions

From termite inspections including real estate transactions to effective prevention and control plans, we've got you covered. Contact us today to schedule your free Termite Inspection and protect your home from termites and termite damage. The State of Florida - Department of Consumer Services recommends that all homes have termite protection coverage and be inspected annually. Don't wait until you have a termite infestation and damage. For peace of mind, prevent termites from entering home with WIPEOUT's proven protection today

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Termidor® HP Injection System®

The Termidor® HP Injection System® is a revolutionary system, developed by BASF. It is the best technology to provide the termite protection for your home or business. With Formosan and Subterranean Termite damage on the rise, this superior treatment method is more important than ever. Using the Termidor HP Injection System® is just another part of our ongoing efforts to offer the best protection value for the homes and businesses of our customers.

Greater Termite Control, Less Disturbance

An advanced computer accurately and automatically mixes water with precise amounts of Termidor®, which is injected at each treatment point around the structure. Thoroughly treating without invasive digging or destroying of your landscape, pool deck or patio. Our technicians apply product only where it's needed to protect the home with a treated zone that kills termites within just days not months.

Areas We Treat

In addition to treating the exterior perimeter of your home, we also treat additional areas as needed.

Plumbing Entry Points
WIPEOUT treats entry points that others overlook. When the concrete under your bath and some showers was poured, an opening in the slab was left for plumbing installation. This may have been formed with wood or other products. These hidden areas are common termite infestation locations.

Additions & Foundation Cracks
Room additions and foundation cracks, no matter how small, can leave open joints or gaps that allow termites to enter your home. These infestations often stay undetected until extensive damage becomes apparent. Termites can pass through even the tiniest cracks. Providing a pathway for termites to access wood and other materials they destroy.

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